Amy Systems All Track P

The Alltrack P Series is a Pediatric configuration that has the option of being placed on either one of our Alltrack M mid-wheel or Alltrack R Hybrid bases. It is ideal for the most active kids sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s for hanging out with friends outside, playing sports, riding around the house or at school, nothing will get in its way. The Alltrack P Series is truly a modular power wheelchair that can be equipped from the most basic configuration to the most complex. On both mid and Hybrid drive configurations, the interactive 6-wheel suspension, along with the seat suspension, both enhance the stability, mobility and comfort for all children riding in an Alltrack P Series.

Sunrise Q Zippie

The Zippie® ZM-310® combines our smallest, most reliable kid’s power wheelchair base with clinically proven pediatric seating and positioning options to provide children with maximum accessibility and independence.

Sunrise Zippie X'Cape

The ZIPPIE X’CAPE® pediatric folding wheelchair is the first ever wheelchair with XLOCK® technology for the performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame. Designed for active and growing kids, the ZIPPIE X’CAPE weighs as little as 19 pounds and features a versatile frame available in over 600 color combinations.

Ki Mobility Ultralight Little Wave

Ki Mobility Little wave flip XP tilt wheelchair integrates design elements from strollers into the durability of a wheelchair. The Flip offers a new paradigm in adjustability. Seat height, seat depth, and seat width have never been so easy to change, with fewer parts than any other chair. Wave flip XP is simply the most advanced pediatric tilt in space available. The Little wave flip XP integrates design elements from strollers into the durability of a wheelchair. From its flat folding design to its use of TAPER LOK technology, the Flip is simply the most advanced pediatric tilt in space wheelchair. The Flip offers a new paradigm in adjustability. Seat height, seat depth, and seat width have never been so easy to change, with fewer parts than any other chair.

Ki Mobility Rogue XP (Ultralight, Youth)

Ki mobility Rogue XP youth ultralight wheelchair is the ultimate performance chair; encouraging you to embrace your personal style at the age when you care the most. It gives you the necessary built-in growth; no need to compromise fit, function, ride or style. Catalyst Rogue XP gives you the freedom to choose your frame, accent, release cable and wheel color. It provides maximum adjustment and growth ability so fit; function and ride are optimized. With expanders, Rogue XP can be grown up to 3″ in width. The depth adjustment is predetermined by you on the order form with the option of up to 3″ of additional growth. Rogue XP is offered in widths of 10″-18″ and depths of 10″-20″. A clean, aesthetic transit tie-down for a rigid frame that passes WC-19.

Ki Mobility Convaid Cruiser lightweight Stroller

Convaid cruiser lightweight stroller is designed with a 30º fixed tilt which is an optimal choice for someone who needs increased upper body positioning. Convaid cruiser stroller is a compact-folding positioning system with lightweight portability and solid durability that makes it the most convenient compact wheelchair for busy parents and children. Cruiser lightweight wheelchair comes with innovative positioning options to help you achieve the ideal support for your child, and its patented design provides maximum comfort and durability. Cruiser stroller features removable, washable cordura or textilene upholstery and it folds like an umbrella stroller.

Invacare Spree 3G Pediatric

The Invacare Spree 3G Pediatric Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair offers a compact design, almost endless configuration possibilities and many accessories to choose from to easily match every child’s individuality. Foot-operated wheel lock easily locks both rear wheels. Simple Tilt Assist adjustment helps to correct for uneven weight distribution. Low Shear Recline option minimizes shearing forces. The optional contracture footrest system offers great strength and adjustability. The optional DeGage Dynamic Rocker Back accommodates those with involuntary thrusts

Invacare MyOn Jr. (Ultralight)

Invacare MyOn Junior Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair provides essential adjustments to children for their specific needs. It has been developed to match the individual needs of a child and can grow as they grow. It offers a large range of options to accompany the child in their development and to provide the necessary clinical support. It comes in attractive, modern styles, designed to appeal to kids.

Motion Composites Helio Kids

Helio kids is the lightest folding manual chair available. Using the same high-quality carbon fiber that goes into Formula 1 racing cars to build the ultra-lightweight wheelchairs is unrivaled when it comes to strength and rigidity. The Helio Kids is made to grow right along with them. The adjustable back allows you to increase seat depth up to 2” in infinite increments for greater precision. Plus, you can modify footplate height in seconds.

Beds by George - Dream series full articulation, hi-lo, electric twin size

Dream series full articulation, hi lo, electric twin size bed is built with high grade material and hardware, improving safety, durability and concealed hardware reduces the risk of injury and improves aesthetics. Full articulation, hi lo, electric twin size bed has safety doors which opens fully for easy caregiver access and “lock” securely when closed. Hi lo, electric twin size bed has optional clear view acrylic panels which allows for excellent visibility, giving comfort to patient and caregiver.

  • Handcrafted bed frame

  • Solid wood construction

  • Locking, climb resistant side doors

  • Foam mattress with medical vinyl cover

  • Specially engineered poly resin coated Bunkie board

  • Meets or exceeds the CPSC safety standards and FDA entrapment standards