Power Wheelchairs

Amy Systems All Track M3 (Mid-Wheel)

The Alltrack M Series is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 300 lb (136 kg) with an HD option of up to 450 lb (205 kg). It is ideal for an active user sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. This Mid-Wheel Drive power wheelchair allows the user to easily maneuver over day-to-day obstacles while affording unsurpassed stability provided by its suspension and exclusive 8” (205 mm) front casters (optional).

Amy Systems All Track R (Hybrid Rear Wheel)

The Alltrack R Series is a unique Hybrid drive power wheelchair that has become an excellent choice for active people who like to spend time outdoors while still maneuvering comfortably indoors. Why is it a Hybrid? The Alltrack R series is Hybrid because it combines the best features from both mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive models, packed all into one wheelchair.

Amy Systems All Track HD (Mid-Wheel)

The Alltrack HD Series is a versatile, very heavy-duty mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 550 lbs (250 kg). This model is ideal for people sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities as it allows for easy maneuvering over routine obstacles. The Alltrack HD is no exception to any other Alltrack, as its interactive 6-wheel suspension and seat suspension both enhance the stability, mobility and comfort for all users. It is the only bariatric power wheelchair with a suspension of its kind, and it comes with an extremely short turning radius of 20.5” (520 mm).

Amy Systems All Track P (Pediatric)

The Alltrack P Series is a Pediatric configuration that has the option of being placed on either one of our Alltrack M mid-wheel or Alltrack R Hybrid bases. It is ideal for the most active kids sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s for hanging out with friends outside, playing sports, riding around the house or at school, nothing will get in its way. The Alltrack P Series is truly a modular power wheelchair that can be equipped from the most basic configuration to the most complex. On both mid and Hybrid drive configurations, the interactive 6-wheel suspension, along with the seat suspension, both enhance the stability, mobility and comfort for all children riding in an Alltrack P Series.

Invacare TDX SP 2

Invacare 3 G Ranger X Storm

Permobil M3 (Mid-Wheel)

The F3 Corpus offers the smallest footprint of the F-series front-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces. The optimized battery weight distribution, lower center of mass, and fully adjustable ComfortRide suspension improve stability while traversing inclines or declines. Experience the enhanced functionality of the F3 by combining outstanding chassis performance with Permobil’s industry-leading Corpus Seating System offering 12 inches of ActiveHeight and up to 30º of ActiveReach forward-tilt technology.

Permobil F5 (Front Wheel)

F5 Corpus power wheelchair, with a blazing 7.5 mph top end speed and upgraded ComfortRide Pro suspension, is all-wheel independent, fully adjustable, with oil-dampened shocks that provide the ultimate in ride comfort and help reduce vibrations that can transfer from terrain up to user. Experience enhanced vibration reduction driving in all seat positions including an unprecedented 14” ActiveHeight seat elevation. Climb and reach higher with increased obstacle negotiation, exceptional motor torque, and enhanced stability allowing up to 45° of ActiveReach forward-tilt functionality. Standard performance options include aggressive tread tires, caster mudguard protection and three premium metallic colors.

Permobil F5 (Front Wheel Stander)

We combined all of the performance features of the F5 Corpus with superior power standing wheelchair functionality. Fully programmable standing sequences allow user’s position to be optimized using supine, semi-reclined or sit-to-stand techniques. Further customize standing positions with adjustable anterior chest pad, moldable knee supports and power articulating footplates. From face-to-face interactions to improved health outcomes, the F5VS empowers you to explore the vast array of standing wheelchair benefits.

Permobil M300 Corpus HD - Bariatric

The next step in the evolution of the Corpus® strengthens the design by increasing the weight capacity to 450lbs while maintaining power functions, quality and comfort.

Sunrise Q 700 M (Mid-Wheel)

The Q700 Mid-Wheel Drive base sets the bar for powered wheelchair technology, inside and out. Travel farther with its superior drive-performance and feel secure over challenging terrain with SpiderTrac™ 2.0 suspension with its independent movement of all 6 wheels. It’s a driving experience like never before.

Sunrise Q 500 M (Mid-Wheel)

Compact design. The new QUICKIE Q500 M power wheelchair balances superb indoor maneuverability with outstanding performance and head-turning style. All of this, combined with the benefits of the highly customized SEDEO PRO seating and the most advanced controls, creates the perfect power wheelchair for any adventure.

Sunrise ZM 310 (Pediatric)

The Zippie® ZM-310® combines our smallest, most reliable kid’s power wheelchair base with clinically proven pediatric seating and positioning options to provide children with maximum accessibility and independence.

Quantum Edge 3 (Mid-Wheel)

Quantum 4 Front (Front Wheel)

The 4Front® is a quiet, more responsive front-wheel drive power chair that features automotive-grade suspension with unprecedented comfort and ride quality. The 4Front’s CASE (Caster Angle Sensor Encoder) technology and SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. The 4Front features standard speeds of up to 6 mph in the lowered position, and speeds up to 3.2 mph while elevated at 10″ with our optional safe seat elevation. Standard LED fender lights allow you to see and be seen.

Quantum Q6 Edge HD (Mid-Wheel)

With features like standard 6.2 mph motors, advanced responsiveness, and optional iLevel® power adjustable seat height, the Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user. The Q6 Edge 2.0 Power Wheelchair accepts a complete range of seating and electronics options to deliver exceptional rehab capability at an excellent value.

Quantum 1450 HD (Front Wheel) Bariatric

The Quantum® 1450 front-wheel drive bariatric power base features an innovative design that provides exceptional outdoor performance while delivering outstanding tight-space maneuverability. The 1450 accepts a complete range of rehab seating and electronics options.

Quantum Rival (Rear Wheel)

The Rival® rear-wheel drive power chair features an innovative design that provides exceptional outdoor performance and handling while delivering outstanding tight-space maneuverability. The Rival accepts a complete range of rehab seating and electronics options.

Merits Vision Ultra

Merits Vision Super

Merits Vision Sport

Drive Medical Titan Mid-Wheel

Drive Medical Titan X23

3. Trident HD (Bariatric)

Pride Power Jazzy 614 HD

Pride Power Jazzy Passport